Refresh F5

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Refresh is the guild of Merfiness. She and lot's of friends who love to do bath ca's have founded this guild especially for bath ca veterans. If you have been to a bath ca of Merfiness then you know they always have a lot of fun together and if you join in, you will sure wet your pants laughing.

Guild Slogan: Come for the Cookies, Stay for the Awesomeness!
It's definitely a good slogan and so very true!
The people in this guild have been friends in the game with me (unholylove) since the beginning that i joined the game. They have taught me the game, helped me progress and loved me every time :D.

I hope that they will abandon their baths for just one hour to visit my lovely new guild house ;)
Well just check them out sometime and don't forget to steal a cookie ;)

Hugs and love from all your friends and ofcourse Unholylove @ UHE

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